Margaret Willemsen

Illustrator - character artist - comic artist

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My name is Margaret Willemsen and I am a visual artist. Ever since I could hold a pencil I have been drawing passionately. My main inspiration and motivation to start and continue drawing came from Japanese cartoons and comics, books, games, Egyptian and Greek mythology, and Asian culture.

Because of my passion for art and games, I started the Bachelor Game Design at the NHTV University of Applied Sciences in Breda, The Netherlands. I graduated from the Bachelor for Game Design in 2014, and then the Master for Game Design in 2015 as a visual artist. 

I currently work freelance as an illustrator and 3D modeller. Most of the work I create revolves around characters and creatures in a (dark) fantasy setting. Furthermore, I enjoy cultural fashion, the design and creation of clothing, characters, and creatures, and storytelling. Next to my freelance jobs I enjoy playing games, writing stories, listening to music, studying Korean and Chinese, and working on my comic 'Pandemonium' (published on both and which I started writing and drawing in 2014.